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What are Head Lice anyway?

Head lice or Pediculosis capitas are human parasites. They are wingless insects that live only on the human scalp. The adult louse (singular) is shaped like a sesame seed. They survive by "biting" the scalp and ingesting a small amount of blood. The louse can be many different colors. They are often seen as gray (before ingesting blood), dark brown-black (after a blood meal) or tan. Only the louse can bite the scalp. Adult lice can lay up to 6 eggs or nits per day. And yes, there are male and female lice. The nit is bonded to the hair strand by the female where it incubates for about one week. Nits do not fall off the hair. When the nit hatches the baby bug or nymph crawls to the scalp and feeds for about one week. After one week the nymph is considered mature and can reproduce. Lice are only adults for two weeks. This is a relatively short life span to create so many problems. Now you need Lice Treatment.

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How did my child get Head Lice?

First and most important is that no one is to
Blame.  Lice like everyone with clean hair.
Lice are spread through head to head contact.
Lice do not spread on car seats or bus seats.  They
Spread child to child.  Lice cannot live on objects
Such as backpacks, couches, mattresses or stuffed
Animals.  Lice need human blood to survive. 
Children usually get lice from their friends in school,
Camp, dance, playdates, parties and sleepovers.  Lice
Are not hiding in your home waiting to pounce.
Remember that Head Lice have been around for
thousands of years.  Someone always has Head
Lice.  Cleopatra had her own solid gold nit comb
and lice remnants have been found in Egyptian

lice or dandruff

Lice or Dandruff. Identification is key.

Lice treatment is only effective if you have Head Lice.  Yet, there
Are many types of dandruff that are often mistaken for Head Lice. 
Some key differences may help in identifying lice and nits correctly.
Nits are ALWAYS tear drop shape.  Always.  They are never shaped any
other way.  They are bonded to the surface of the individual hair strand.
When two fingers are rubbed over a nit the nit will be stuck on the hair and
not able to slide or brush off.  Dandruff often appears flake like and can move
across the hair easily.  Brushing or blowing on the hair will make the flakes
move around or ever make them disappear.  Scratching the scalp usually
causes more dandruff to appear.  Nits are solidly bonded to the individual
hair strand.  Some dandruff known as hair casts look white and stay put on
the hair but are NOT tear drop shaped.  If you see small bugs crawling on the
scalp which are wingless and nits are present then a lice case is probable.
Lice are fast and move away from light.  They are hard to see and harder
to catch by hand.  It is time for Lice Treatment.

Do Head Lice always have symptoms?

The symptom most often associated with a case of Head Lice is itching.
But be aware that some children and adults never experience itching. Some people
have small bites on the scalp only visible on inspection.  These bites are usually
seen near the neck and behind the ears.  Significant infestation may cause swollen
glands.  Extreme scratching of the head and hair is usually associated with lice.

Lice Treatment for nits and bugs?

There are many differing thoughts about Head Lice Treatment. Many people try to treat the Head Lice on their own using Over the Counter treatments easily purchased at any pharmacy.  The difficulty of using  these OTC products is that they are no longer effective.  20 years Ago these OTC lice shampoos contained DDT.  DDT was very effective for Treating Head Lice but it is also a known carcinogen (cancer causing chemical). A pesticide that was safer but less effective was substituted for DDT.  The Lice quickly became immune and the shampoos became unable to kill the lice And/or the nits. A trip to the pediatrician for help with Lice Treatment will sometimes Result in a prescription lice shampoo.  These prescription pesticides are more Dangerous than the OTC shampoos but not always more effective.  The prescription shampoos are sometimes flammable and almost always smell really bad.   There are many to choose from.  Licebeaters believes in ALL NATURAL LICE TREATMENT.  We use only Pure olive oil.  That’s it.  Pure Olive Oil which is considered hypoallergenic. It always works and cannot fail because it does not poison anything.  It kill by suffocation.  Other products claiming to be “natural” often use oil in their  Lice Treatment plan because no treatment works without oil. The beauty of killing the bugs completely means we are not dependent on endless nit picking and combing.  Combing is necessary but it does not and will not effectively end the lice case.  Call us for details on how this works!

Can you Guarantee  the Head Lice Treatment works?

Yes, we can.  We know that if the Treatment Plan is followed the lice are gone.  Our Treatment Plan is designed to insure that the life cycle of the louse is interrupted which prevents them from Reinfesting the same head.  No treatment is a vaccine that Prevents future lice cases.  The current case however, will be Gone.  Prevention is the next most important step in Lice Treatment.

What can we do to Prevent Head Lice?

Girls should (if possible) wear their hair up and braided. If the hair is long enough for a bun one should be worn. Keeping the hair away from friends  hair is the best prevention.  School age children are naturally social.  Elementary school children lack the concept of “personal space”.  That is why they are always touching each other and playing so close to each other.  This is normal but great for lice transmission. Keeping hair artificially dirty is another great way to Prevent lice.  Old fashioned hair spray can be quite Effective.  But remember that there is no “Magic Potion” To repel lice.

Are lice always around?

Head Lice are always around because they are human parasites. They require body temperature of 98.6 degree heat and human Blood to sustain life.  They do not live on sheets, pillows, stuffed Animals, car seats, carpets, mattresses or back packs.  They need a Live human being to live.  Any object used in the hair which could “capture” a live bug such as a helmet or head band should not be Shared.  Bath towels used on the hair should not be shared.  All Brushes and combs should be placed in the freezer overnight to Be safe.  Head Lice cannot live on dogs or cats.  They need human Blood.  Once Lice Treatment has begun the threat is over. Since the oil eliminates the live bugs which are contagious.

Lice Treatment is no fun.  Is it?  

Lice Treatment does not have to ruin life as you know it.  After the first Lice Treatment, Your child can usually return to school (with the Nurses Permission).  Following the first Lice Treatment The child is not contagious and may return to normal activities.  The children may not look forward to  Lice Treatment but once it has begun we often have fun.  The child has everyone’s complete and undivided attention which they thoroughly enjoy.  Lice Treatment becomes a unique opportunity for a special bonding experience between parent/caregiver and child. Todays children are savvy and don’t want to have Head Lice any more than the parent does.

What about my School?

Remember that Head Lice are parasites and must have a human host of survive.  The best way to protect the students in your school is to have routine Head Lice Screenings.  We provide school Head Lice Screenings at a nominal cost to the school Or PTA.  We use real combs a do a thorough exam of each child’s hair.  Our Lice Treatment Technicians are medical professionals(nurses and medical assistants)  with additional Lice Treatment training.   These screenings help eliminate the contagious child/children from the population before spreading occurs.  This results in a school year free of lice infestations.  Licebeaters is always available to aid the school nurse with these issues.  We enourage parents to become knowledgeable about lice and the school environment.  We help reassure our clients that lice does not live in the classroom but rather on the children.  No one is to blame.  Lice is an equal opportunity pest.  No one is immune.  But the school classroom is not an incubator for lice.

What about my childs summer camp?

Licebeaters screens many sleepaway camps. We have a team of trained Lice Screening Professionals. Our routine provides complete screening and if necessary, Treatment on location.  The camp experience need not be interrupted by a case of lice.  No shame/No Blame. Campers are screened before they go to their bunks along With their counselors.  Should a camper require treatment, Licebeaters discreetly accompanies the child to the nurses cabin, performs Lice Treatment and returns the child (lice free) to the counselor prepared to resume first day activities.  No isolation required. Licebeaters supplies the camp with personalized LicetTreatment packs included in the price of screening.  All necessary treatment supplies are included for Lice Treatment to continue.


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